Holomedicine Expert Group

The Holomedicine Expert Group consists of medical professionals from all over the world and across many different medical specialties. Member physicians are able to consult each other via the Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) platform to discuss complex patient cases and share meaningful medical knowledge.​

The members are practicing physicians and work in hospitals as well as private practices. Members support us on furthering the development of holomedicine into their respective medical field. As a result, members are able to define the future of medical technology and completely change the way medicine is experienced.​

Become part of the holomedicine world

Join the Expert Group and become part of the holomedicine world. If you wish, you can help design the development, write exposés, conduct studies and do research in the field of holomedicine. Or you can make yourself available for consultation as an expert group member for other physicians.

Dr. Darshan R. Bakshi

VSI Holomedicine reduces cognitive overload during complex angiographic and interventional radiology operations.

Dr Gao Yujia

Mixed Reality integration forms the next frontier in medical technology, and will revolutionize the way we practice medicine in the years to come. VSI represents the forefront in research and...

Prof. Dr. med. Großterlinden

When I used VSI Holomedicine for the first time, I was amazed. I also realized what I had been missing all this time.

Dr. Patrick House

The greatest advantage of holomedicine I see is its three dimensionality, something that not even the best 2D screens compete with. Not only do doctors benefit from this, but so do their patients...

Prof. Dr. med. Gernot M. Kaiser, FACS

It's like operating with an X-ray view of the patient's abdomen and organs. For me, holomedicine is a huge step forward, especially for complex operations on tumor patients in visceral surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Kehler

Holomedicine supports ventricular puncture enormously in hydrocephalus operations and simply makes it safer. Holomedicine also has great potential in many other areas of neurosurgery (including brain...

Prof. Mark McGurk

The three-dimensionality of holomedicine helped me to recognize that the tumor was not located in the facial nerve, as originally assumed. This changed the conditions for surgery enormously and...

Dr. Dirk Neefs

Since I use VSI, I have discovered total freedom of movement. Now I do not have to move toward my screen to look at my CBCT, I just move my holografic screen wherever I want.

Prof. Dr. med. Ingo Stoffels

For me, digitization also means integrating new imaging technologies into everyday clinical practice. The technical innovation of holomedicine can increase precision in surgical therapy and thereby...

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