BILD Hamburg about VSI

Hamburg, 12th September 2018 – Chief reporter of the newspaper “BILD Hamburg” Katharina Wolf and photographer Andreas Costanzo have visited the Marienkrankenhaus and watched to senior physician Dr. von Lücken during a paranasal sinus operation with the VSI.

Wednesday morning, the patient laughs in a relaxed manner and talks a few words with Katharina Wolf before the anaesthetic is administered. A short time later, Dr. von Lücken, senior physician for head and neck surgery at the Catholic Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg, can already start the procedure in the paranasal sinuses. This time he uses Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) for the fourth time.
The 2-D CT-shots of the patient are loaded into mixed reality glasses, here the HoloLens of Microsoft. The VSI lets the CT-images appear in 3D in the room. Now Dr. von Lücken can immerse himself in the image, take a close look at the sinus and the individual anatomy as well as the pathology of the patient. The operating room remains completely visible. In the next step, Dr. von Lücken fuses the 3D image with the patient in order to be able to orientate himself even more precisely anatomically.

Katharina Wolf, from BILD-Hamburg, came especially for this procedure to report on what operations of the near future will look like. The paranasal sinus surgery is only the start and symbolizes all operations that are yet to come, both in head and neck surgery and in other medical specialties such as dermatology, trauma surgery, neurosurgery, etc. – wherever precision and orientation are decisive for the successful outcome of an intraoperative procedure.

On September 20th, the time had come: BILD Hamburg reported on the VSI and the Marienkrankenhaus, the first hospital in the world uses mixed-reality technology for surgery. The responsibility remains with the surgeon himself. It is used in the context of research.

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