Daily routine in the operating room – why VSI

The general public is hardly aware of the fact that, during an operation, a surgeon is only able to see the CT / MRT images and check the patient’s data with the help of assistants or nurses. The shift from the operating table to the PC is risky, especially regarding the sterility.

In addition, the surgeon has to face unexpected problems and deal with these complications immediately. The assessment of different anatomical conditions (e.g., metastasis vs. healthy tissue) often has to be conducted during the surgery. Consequently, the surgeon carries a great responsibility as this could lead to a substantial risk for the patient.

Performing surgical operations requires a lot of experience and extensive training. Many hospitals complain about the insufficient level of training, staff shortages and, simultaneously, competitiveness and economic pressure.

We developed the Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) in order to solve such problems. It can raise the quality of the daily routine in the operating room to a whole new level.