Details of VSI Surgery

The Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) has been designed as an assistant for real surgeries. It improves the surgeon’s orientation during the operation.

The assistant displays virtual CT / MRI images of the patient in 3D inside the HoloLens glasses. Due to the use of a mixed reality, the doctor is still able to see all of his surroundings. The CT / MRI images merge with the surgical area and help the surgeon view the operating field from different perspectives – hands-free. The VSI Surgery recognizes anatomical structures and, through anatomical landmarks recognition, simultaneously displays the details of the performed operation.

Additional add-ons offered by the VSI include the following: Tissue recognition, e.g. lymph node metastases vs. normal lymph node tissue, enlargement of the tissue using an integrated microscope and displaying patient information on the screen. The VSI also offers the possibility to remotely communicate with another professional during surgery, to e.g. ask for advice. Doctors can monitor the current status of the surgery on an external screen without any time loss. The non-contact control ensures germ-free operations, helps minimize the number of errors and at the same time provides quality assurance.