ENT surgery at the Marienkrankenhaus

Hamburg, 28th August 2018 – First surgical intervention at the Catholic Hospital “Marienkrankenhaus” in the Clinic for Head and Neck Surgery using Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI).

Senior physician for head and neck surgery, Dr. Hans-J. von Lücken, performed surgery on the paranasal sinuses on Tuesday, 28th August 2018. For this purpose, he used the Virtual Surgery Intelligence to have the patient’s CT data available in all completeness and real 3-dimensionality, even during the operation, and thus to be able to orientate himself better anatomically.

But also the planning of the operation, the cutting of the virtual site, and the participation of present assistant physicians in the individual surgical steps on a separate screen could be carried out virtually in the operating room with outstanding image quality on the 3D model.


In addition, he fixed the 3-D CT images on the patient to test the placement and to discover the advantages of this precision. “It was a very successful first procedure. I am very satisfied and we are already planning further procedures next week,” said Dr. Hans-J. von Lücken after the surgery.

A press visit to an operation in the Marienkrankenhaus with the VSI in the field of head and neck surgery is planned for mid-September. We can be very curious about the article.