Holomedicine: First 3D telemedicine worldwide

Medical conferences with 3D avatars of the participants enable location-independent and infection-safe tumor board meetings, consultations with specialists, communication with technicians and much more!

Each participant appears as a 3D avatar in the real environment of the other participants. They do not have to be in the same room or same city, but rather can be anywhere in the world. Head and hand movements are transmitted through the avatar in real time – for a realistic communication experience.

Medical information, such as 3D MRI/CT images of the patient, surgery planning, photos or reports, etc. can be shared, accessed and edited by all participants. The system works via gesture control with the HoloLens2 MR glasses from Microsoft and VSI Holomedicine from apoQlar GmbH.


  • Quality assurance of patient care
  • Knowledge exchange despite physical distance
  • Local independence and protection of employees

Live movie Hamburg/London: