On 25th October 2018 in Auckland and on 7th November 2o18 in Singapore – apoQlar shows the Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) live on the AI events of Microsoft!

Microsoft’s “FUTURE NOW” conference series is all about Artificial Intelligence, cross-industry intelligent technologies and the most innovative solutions that simplify everyday life, increase business productivity, address societal challenges and simply change the world as we know it.

This is particularly true of Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI), which combines Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality to provide a whole new dimension of medical and surgical support for physicians. Microsoft writes: “Explore AI scenarios that are shaking up industries, like mixed reality integration for surgery.”

For the first time, Mixed Reality technology enables doctors to offer real 3-dimensional support, combine visualizations and replace all screens in the operating room to give the doctor everything he needs quickly and easily, take less time to set up the operating room and have more space. Surgical procedures are optimized, simplified and transformed.

Dynamic keynotes, breakouts and panel discussions alternate on the series of events. The VSI is a practical solution that is already being used in clinics and will be presented live by CEO Sirko Pelzl in Auckland and Singapore.

Live broadcast on Twitter of Microsoft