Press conference Life Science North

Friday, January 12th, 2018 – The official press conference Life Science North took place at the Health Innovation Port (HIP) of Philips in Hamburg/Germany. Life Science North launched a study by the WifOR institute, which states that the industrial health economy in the north has grown faster and stronger than the overall economy of Germany. This shows the big potential of this branch of industry. Almost 50,000 people work in the healthcare sector, which makes up about 1.9 percent of all employees of northern Germany.

Life Science North is a cluster to strengthen the healthcare sector and to drive innovation. These innovations usually include start-ups and young companies like us, which are in need of strong partners that help them grow and thrive, to strengthen the healthcare industry in the future.

Hamburg’s Senator of Economics Frank Horch and the Minister of Economic Affairs of Kiel Bernd Buchholz were also invited and tried our Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI). Sat.1 Regional, a local TV station, recorded this event. Click on the picture to watch the broadcast from the 12.01.2018 at minute 6:40.