Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner

London 19th of April, 2018 – it’s official! We are a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner for healthcare. First of all, we had to prove that we are able to build high-quality applications according to the demands of Microsoft. Our VSI Patient Education application was designed and developed specifically for the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program. Now we can distribute it.

What does this mean for us?

The advantage of the Mixed Reality Partner lies in the close cooperation with Microsoft. The market for new Mixed / Augmented Reality technologies is still evolving. It requires actors who are able to develop applications. Without appropriate programs, a technology cannot be used. So we start to build such applications for the healthcare sector now, together with Microsoft Proof of Concept (POC). We will launch pilot projects, realize ideas and create new dimensions. Enabled by new opportunities of mixed reality technology.
In addition, Microsoft gives its partners the opportunity to participate in high-profile events and summits and to introduce themselves to the MR community. This does not only help to attract new customers but also potential employees.

An important factor for all companies developing for MR / AR is information. Microsoft reveals information about technology, innovation, strategy, etc., first to their partners and later to the public. So the partners can react quickly and prepare for, e.g., new hardware generations or for a possible change of strategy.

As a young company, it means a lot to us that Microsoft has accepted us as one of its mixed reality partners. Such a public commitment from this international giant demonstrates its trust in us. Microsoft verified our high level of knowledge, structured work, high-profile applications, creative ideas and thinking outside the box.

General about Mixed Reality Partner Program

The Mixed Reality Partner Program focuses on six industries: manufacturing, public sector/government, education, healthcare, architecture/engineering/construction, and retail.

The program divides into 4 phases: intake application, onboarding, readiness training and customer engagement.

In the first phase, companies apply for the Mixed Reality Partner Program. Once you enter phase 2, you define a POC. It describes an MR project that your company needs to develop and complete within 3 months. Afterward, you will present your developments to the Microsoft jury in London. Thereafter the jury decides immediately whether it meets the requirements and your company becomes a partner. This is the third phase. Once you pass it, you are a partner and reach the 4th phase. In the partner phase, you work on projects and Microsoft offers its support in technology, marketing, and sales.