Patient rounds with HoloLens

A new dimension of medical rounds with VSI Documentation and Microsoft HoloLens. Modern rounds are digital, mobile and fast. VSI Documentation saves doctors time, enables better patient care and ensures closer monitoring of disease. State-of-the-art rounds technology improves hosptial effecieny through the use of an interface that is as easy to operate as a smartphone.

VSI Documentation in combination with the Microsoft HoloLens glasses create modern and revolutionary rounds in clinics:

  • Time saving: Dictate the report directly during the visit
  • Digitization: Important patient data at a glance and PC-independent retrievable
  • Observation of the course of the disease: View archived photos and videos during rounds
  • Optimum patient care: Create photos and videos to document the course of the disease
  • Telemedicine: Call senior physician, colleagues, experts and transfer your own field of vision to your laptop
  • Stress reduction: Only one device and software connected to the hospital systems (PACS, SAP, etc.) that automatically retrieves and uploads data
  • Money savings: More patients, better care, faster workflow

Talk to us and we will show you how you can optimize your hospital rounds with VSI Documentation and make patients, doctors and nurses more satisfied for a convalescent hospital atmosphere.

Surgery documentation

In addition to patient rounds, VSI can also be used for OR documentation. Surgeons can quickly and easily take photos and videos of the surgical site during the surgical procedure in order to analyze them later, save them in the OR report, show assistant records, etc.