Patients want to undergo surgery with the VSI

After several media reports the clinic Kath. Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg notes a growing interest of patients to be operated with the VSI-Virtual Surgery Intelligence.

Dr. Hans-J. von Lücken, senior physician for head and neck surgery at Marienkrankenhaus, explains: “After every media report, patients called us at the clinic and asked whether they could be operated with VSI here. Now it’s been a few months and I’ve been asked again and again if I could use the VSI”.

We met one of these patients, directly one day after his nose and sinus surgery with the VSI, showed him his MRI image from the operation and asked him about his motives:

Oliver is in his early 40s, an entrepreneur in the field of logistics and very interested in innovative topics, digitisation and technologies.

Nadja Parfenov: How did you hear about VSI?

Oliver: It was my very first operation and I wanted to inform myself well in advance, so I searched the Internet for a suitable clinic and came across a video showing this new technology in Marienkrankenhaus. I then contacted Dr. von Lücken and asked him directly.

Nadja Parfenov: What was the reason why you wanted to be operated with the VSI?

Oliver: After the good consultation, it was immediately obvious to me that the quality of the operation with the VSI can only improve compared to the normal classic variant. This technology gives the doctor the opportunity to see much more than just what he normally sees on the display. It gives me a better feeling that the doctor can operate under optimal conditions.

Nadja Parfenov: What do you want for the future?

Oliver: Personally, I would like to see significantly more opportunities created to advance such technologies and their applications. The technologies are ready. I think there is often a lack of money. There are so many advances and innovations that could and will improve our quality of life and our future, but we should tackle it and not tie it to short-term success; it takes time.

Nadja Parfenov: Thank you!