Talk with German secretary of health Jens Spahn

Berlin, 28th of November 2018 – Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn invited us to speak in the Federal Ministry of Health about our mixed reality application for surgeries “Virtual Surgery Intelligence”, or short VSI.

As part of the event series “Innovation Meets Politics”, young diagnostics companies will be invited to Berlin to discuss how digitization can improve healthcare and how innovations can best be integrated into the standard care system. The kick-off event took place on 28th June 2018, this is the second event in the series.

Throughout Germany, start-ups from the health sector were able to apply. A jury of digitization experts selected the most suitable ones based on the criteria “potentials for health care improvement”, “degree of innovation” and “sustainability”. apoQlar GmbH is chosen and looks forward to an exciting conversation with Jens Spahn on 28th November 2018.