University Hospital Essen uses VSI

Under the direction of the senior physician and private lecturer Dr. Ingo Stoffels, the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital Essen uses the Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) with immediate effect and works together with us on the further development of the VSI for the dermatological department.

Essen, 01th August 2018 – The first surgical test of the Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) at the University Hospital Essen under the direction of Dr. Stoffels. Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT/CT) data was loaded into the VSI for sentinel lymph node surgery in a melanoma patient. This allows the surgeon a real 3-D representation in the mixed reality glasses HoloLens from Microsoft. The 3D images were additionally placed virtually over the surgical site. The overlap enabled Dr. Stoffels to precisely localize the regional lymph nodes, which are marked in the SPECT/CT by the radiopharmaceutical and then surgically removed.

Precise localization of the corresponding lymph nodes is crucial for a successful and safe outcome of the operation. For the first time, the VSI enables true three-dimensionality by displaying the 3D SPECT/CT and overlapping with the real patient. This enables the surgeon to identify the correct lymph nodes faster and more reliably.

Under the direction of the Medical Director Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner, the University Hospital Essen is known for innovative and modern approaches and is regarded as the most important health institution in the Ruhr Valley. In addition to “smart hospital”, “smart surgery” also applies to the University Hospital Essen, because from now on the VSI is in use at the Clinic for Dermatology under the direction of senior physician Dr. Ingo Stoffels: “The VSI technology is versatile in dermatology and will for example sustainably optimize sentinel lymph node surgery,” says Dr. Stoffels.

In a close exchange of knowledge with Dr. Stoffels, the further development of the VSI is jointly developed and controlled, especially with regard to dermatological surgery. Dr. Stoffels’ know-how is crucial and enormously important for a practical and safe VSI dermatology product.

In addition to intraoperative use, the university hospital will also use the VSI for telesurgery and the documentation of surgical reports. With the VSI, a colleague or expert located at another place can be called during an operation and the caller’s exact field of vision can be transmitted to the called party’s laptop display. In this way, an accurate, fast and safe consultation can take place. With the documentation function, the surgeon can take photos and video recordings of the surgical site before, during and after the operation and additionally dictate the surgical report. The spoken word is transmitted in written form and is available to the surgeon together with the stored media for documentation.

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