VSI Holomedicine Pandemic Package

Dr. Kathrin von Usslar, our VSI Advisory Board doctor for ENT medicine is a practicing physician at the hospital “Marienkrankenhaus” in Hamburg. She has summarized the challenges of the corona crisis facing clinics and explains how VSI Holomedicine can help and support. Based on this, we have created the VSI Holomedicine Pandemic Package. A nonprofit offering for clinics that protects clinic staff and patients from infection, prevents doctors from going into quarantine, reduces the workload of the emergency room and patient visits, and ensures the quality of care through rapid documentation.

The applications described by Dr. Kathrin von Usslar:

Use case 1:

Due to an increased number of cases, there are not enough internists in the intensive care unit or in the internal medicine wards. It could happen that, for example, ENT doctors or urologists have to help out. Since the experienced internal medicine physicians already have to take care of a large number of severely ill patients, they can no longer adequately care for the less ill patients. Therefore, it makes sense that e.g. the treating ENT physician or urologist can obtain a quick second opinion or recommendation from the experienced internist colleague (e.g. senior physician) in case of questions regarding treatment or diagnostics without having to look at the isolated patient himself. The senior physician could use VSI Holomedicine and the telemedicine function to see the patient and the imaging etc. and at the same time discuss the findings with the ENT physician.

VSI Holomedicine Pandemic

Use case 2:

In order to reduce the risk of infection for the staff, the rounds and medical care are carried out by as few doctors as possible. These doctors can use VSI Holomedicine to transfer the information about the patient, as well as the image of the patient, to another room (where, for example, the experienced doctors are) or home to the laptop of another doctor (who is already in quarantine, for example).

Use case 3:

In order to maintain emergency care (the emergency room), doctors from other specialties (e.g. geriatrics) are deployed there, for example. Here too, VSI Holomedicine can be used to provide a form of supervision and to discuss or present findings with competent colleagues who have been deployed elsewhere.


The use of the VSI Holomedicine Pandemic simplifies documentation and ensures continued high quality care in times of a significant increase in the number of patients (including critical patients), where specialists / health care providers or other specialist colleagues can be involved in patient care without actually being present.