VSI Live-Test

On the 6th of September 2017, physicians from three different Hamburg clinics came together to accompany the first live test of our Virtual Surgery Instructor (VSI). Therefore we carried out the test in an operation room under real conditions.

Primarily two of the senior doctors, Dr. Hans-J. von Lücken from the Marienkrankenhaus (hospital) and Dr. Patrick House from the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Alsterdorf (epilepsy center, hospital), tested the virtual fusion of the 3D MRI with the operating site. They placed the MRI on the patient’s head. And by using a slider, the surgeons could go through its individual layers until they reached the location where the operation would have been performed.

The outcome of the live test shows, that the fixpoints on the patient’s head were recognized very well. The MRI perfectly fused with the patient’s eyes and nose. However, the size of the MRI did not correspond exactly to the proportions of the patient. It has differed within a few millimeters. So it is our task to adjust the scaling. Because the planning of the next OP-test is already underway.