VSI Protection Shield now available!

Now available from us: The VSI Protection Shield (face protection film). Simply attach to the HoloLens 2 and use VSI Holomedicine as always.

Better protection at all times

Helping our doctors perform at their best is at the core of what we do. This includes keeping them safe! With VSI Holomedicine, doctors are on the cutting edge of medicine and are using technology to provide optimal patient outcomes, but it is equally important that they are safe and healthy in order to perform their best. In the times of COVID-19 as well as everyday work in surgery planning, we want to offer doctors another level of protection, that’s why we are now offering the VSI Protection Shield package.

Specially developed for the Hololens 2

The package contains a visor holder and a total of 20 shields. The holder and shield attach can easily be attached to the HoloLens 2 by being snapped on, protecting the face from possible splashes during use. The individual shield can be removed, cleaned, or replaced after each use. If the shields are damaged, there is no need to worry about sharp fragments, as the material consists of a flexible polyester foil (PET)

Optimal airflow

All sensors and buttons on your device remain easy to use and protected so that your HoloLens cannot be damaged by dirt or other splashes (e.g. blood). Additionally, thanks to the special shape of the face shield, there is optimal air circulation between the shield and the visor, so that your view remains clear and the shield does not fog up (anti-fogging property).

Interested in an even safer Holomedicine experience? You can directly order your package of one visor holder and 20 shields.