3D dental implant planning

3D dental implant planning

Case description:

In my dental practice in Antwerp, we visualize dental implant planning using the holomedicine application VSI. All relevant files including medical images of the patient are displayed clearly and at a glance as holograms through the HoloLens mixed reality glasses. The required information and images – CBCT, OPG/PTI, SLT, MRI, CT, JPEG, PDF and others – can be opened at the same time and freely positioned in space. The three dimensional display of the individual images and their merging enable us to perform comprehensive 3D dental implant planning. This allows dental treatment to be carried out without having to search for medical images, analyses, STLs, etc. If necessary, comments can be added using a dictation function.


  • Fast and safe operation planning
  • Display bone structures in true 3D and observe from all various angles
  • Improved, more precise orientation for implant insertion
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