The significance of MR technology for our everyday life.


Microsoft has brought out the first Mixed Reality (MR) glasses: the HoloLens. It projects 3-dimensional holograms to the real surroundings by tracking the room and one’s own position. This opens completely new possibilities in different areas, whether for the end consumers or for businesses, whether in the entertainment industry or in the fields of medicine. The connection between already known technology and communication channels is revolutionary and truly an upgrade to the next digital level.


Surfing, watching, calling

This and still more is possible with the Microsoft HoloLens. Through the possibility of connecting the glasses to the Internet, articles can be read, e-mails be checked, videos watched in an outstanding quality. Even to skype, while walking through the apartment is no problem at all. The HoloLens operating system and its apps are based on Windows 10.


Expansion of the digitalization

A new digital level is already reached by the 3 dimensions. Virtual animals, people, robot etc., can be represented in the middle of the room in 3D. The user can walk around normally and without any obstructions while using the glasses.

The possibility of “transportation” takes innovation to an even higher stage. With the right application objects (and persons) can be scanned by the HoloLens and via Skype be represented in 3D somewhere else. It is particularly thrilling for repair and spare part business but also for private Skype sessions between long distances.

MR makes designing reality possible for the first time. Walls can be dyed in different colors, furniture added and decoration appended. The reality and the virtuality merge seamlessly with each other. Virtual elements appear realer than ever before. Games can be played in the middle of the bedroom and a shared virtual television is also just a question of time.

„The question is not if it will come, but if we will lead this revolution“, Sirko Pelzl, CTO of apoQlar.

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