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Smart office

Imagine you don’t need to turn your lamps on and off using a switch anymore. All your office and home devices can be controlled without even touching a button, only with a snap of two fingers – no matter where you are in the room. Temperature and air humidity are also virtually displayed in your HoloLens. No disruptive measuring instruments and no switches anymore. That is smart office – a combination of the Internet of Things and mixed reality.

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No switches

Operate without switches. You don’t need them anymore.


Virtual control

All the required switches exist virtually in your room.


Finger control

Control all your devices with only two fingers.


Don’t move

You don’t need to move to switch your devices on or off.

Use cases

You are wondering what smart office is good for, and whether you really need a HoloLens to turn on the lights and measure the temperature? Good question – but think bigger!


Treatment care

Handicapped persons

People with physical disabilities can benefit from Smart Office. They can control their devices with a snap of two fingers. They can surf the internet, make calls and much more, without having to move. Once set up, it offers a huge expansion of their independence.

Geriatric nursing

Elderly people

Elderly people in care institutions gain more independence with the help of the HoloLens. Once set up they can watch TV, call their loved ones and, in case of an emergency, easily reach a nurse. In addition the HoloLens can be easily used and does not require any complicated handling or operation. And it also provides voice control.

Isolation ward


In the case of high infection risk diseases, patients are placed in hospital isolation wards. They are treated not only in isolation from other patients, but they are also not able to see their loved ones. This can be psychologically very stressful. In order to reduce the risk of infection for medical staff, doctors and nurses usually wear protective clothing.

HoloLens helps patients to control devices, such as television, lighting, etc., with a snap of their fingers. It also helps to communicate with their relatives as well as the hospital staff. The nurses can contact the physician on duty at any time. Using the HoloLens, the doctor is able to check on the patient through an external monitor.


Internet of Things meets mixed reality!

Tell us about your needs and we will build a proof of concept for you – in just 10 days!

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