Patient education before upcoming surgical FCD removal

Case description:

VSI HoloMedicine® has proven to be very useful in educating patients before brain surgery. In this example of patient education, the patient and I view her head together with an MRI projected in three-dimensional space. I can virtually paint in the focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) that will be removed surgically and demonstrate the surgical access route. The patient can view her MRI from all perspectives and can better imagine the operation.

In a study recently conducted at the Epilepsy Center Hamburg, it was shown that VSI HoloMedicine® can successfully reduce patients’ fears and worries during brain surgery clarifications.


  • The vivid three-dimensional MRI/CT demonstration gives the patient deeper understanding of his/ her illness or upcoming operation
  • Quality improvement of the doctor’s patient education
  • Enhancement of the patient’s confidence in both the doctor and the hospital