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Tap into new medical skills with the most innovative 3D Holomedicine technologies that cover the complete patient journey: diagnostics, planning, patient education, medical consultation and more.

DO NOT OVERLOOK any information by leveraging medical 3D Holograms

Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) displays MRI, CT and many other medical image types in real volumetric 3D. This allows you to view diagnostic findings from all angles and see pathology more easily, quickly and confidently. Keep it simple!

A doctor using VSI Holomedicine examines a rendered MRI through his HoloLens glasses

Give more PATIENT CONFIDENCE through multimedia 3D patient education

The stressful daily routine in the clinic often makes it difficult to take the necessary time to address patients’ concerns comprehensively. With VSI Holomedicine, you can give your patients insight into themself using their own 3D images. The 3D holograms provide an intuitive understanding: patients can follow the explanation better and feel more comfortable. You can find the related study here.

Patient Education with Holomedicine: both wear HoloLens and see rendered MRI of patient

Make SECURE DECISIONS by medical consultation and exchange with experts worldwide

As a physician, you make decisions every day that can impact the lives of your patients. These want to be well-considered. For special and difficult cases, as a member of the Holomedicine Expert Group, you can digitally contact other members and experts worldwide via VSI, exchange information, and get advice.

Two physicians communicate in real time via VSI Holomedicine with an avatar, who is their collegue at home

Transform the way you work and ACT INDEPENDENTLY according to your own rules

Every physician has experienced a lapse in communication between the medical staff or encountered inconvenient technical issues with medical equipment. With VSI Holomedicine, you are able to effectively collaborate with your medical staff and work independently from stationary medical equipment.

Doctor uses VSI Holomedicine wearing HoloLens and sees multiple displays in the Mixed Reality world

The world of medical innovation is rapidly evolving and more and more physicians are requesting Holomedicine for their field of medicine.


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A satisfied doctor using VSI Holomedicine, reaching his fullest potential and holding a holographic globe in his hand

Join these Holomedicine experts

Dr. Darshan R. Bakshi

VSI Holomedicine reduces cognitive overload for complex angiographic and interventional radiology operations.

Dr Gao Yujia

Mixed Reality integration forms the next frontier in medical technology, and will revolutionize the way we practice medicine in the years to come. VSI represents the forefront in research and...

Prof. Dr. med. Großterlinden

When I used VSI Holomedicine for the first time, I was amazed. I also realized what I had been missing all this time.

Dr. Patrick House

The greatest advantage of holomedicine I see is its three dimensionality, something that not even the best 2D screens compete with. Not only do doctors benefit from this, but so do their patients...

Prof. Dr. med. Gernot M. Kaiser, FACS

It's like an X-ray view of the patient's abdomen and organs. For me, holomedicine is a huge step forward, especially for complex surgery planning on tumor patients in visceral surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Kehler

Holomedicine supports ventricular puncture enormously in hydrocephalus operations planning and simply makes it safer. Holomedicine also has great potential in many other areas of neurosurgery...

Prof. Mark McGurk

The three-dimensionality of holomedicine helped me to recognize that the tumor was not located in the facial nerve, as originally assumed. This changed the conditions for surgery enormously and...

Dr. Dirk Neefs

Since I use VSI, I have discovered total freedom of movement.

Prof. Dr. med. Ingo Stoffels

For me, digitization also means integrating new imaging technologies into everyday clinical practice. The technical innovation of holomedicine can increase precision in surgical therapy and thereby...

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