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apoQlar Holomedicine Technology

apoQlar GmbH stands for medical progress and holomedicine technology. The Hamburg-based company is a worldwide pioneer of innovative medical technology. It combines holomedicine with artificial intelligence and creates new unexpected possibilities for the medical world.

“Holo” is derived from hologram. Medically relevant information such as patient information, CT, MRI, SPECT data, etc., as well as ultrasound, microscope and endoscope screens are displayed as holograms in mixed reality (MR) glasses. At the same time, the real environment remains completely visible. Holograms and reality merge and interact with each other.

In addition to the high digitality, the great added value for the medical sector is the location and time-independent retrieval of critical information,

the display of CT, MRI, etc. in 3D for maximum precision, hand and touch-free work and decreased need for turning away from the patient. All monitors are displayed in the MR world in the user’s field of vision.

The applications are worked out and implemented in close cooperation with research institutes, clinics, hospitals and doctors. apoQlar places high importance on security, user-friendliness and fast implementation. The main product is the Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI), the prime example for holomedicine, which offers completely new medical solutions and applications.

apoQlar is based in Germany. The main office is located in the center of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Product development, cooperation and sales are conducted from here.


German Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn informs himself about holomedicine

Jens Spahn and Thomas Kufen visit the pioneers of Holomedicine on 31th October 2019 and meet the Holomedicine Association in the Dermatology Clinic of the University Hospital Essen

Premiere: Holomedical Day on 29th November 2019

For the first time worldwide, Holomedical Day will take place at Essen University Hospital. The event is dedicated to Holomedicine. In addition to lectures, physicians can try out the applications for themselves.

Digital Health Award 2019

Out of 119 applications apoQlar GmbH and VSI are the winners of the Digital Health Award 2019 of Novartis and Sandoz Germany/Hexal!


Our cooperation partners include, among others, the Fraunhofer Institute, University of Bremen, Catholic Marien Hospital Hamburg, Asklepios Clinic Altona and Microsoft.

VSI-Virtual Surgery Intelligence